Linear Actuators

We use three types of linear actuator technology to provide products for every application.

AxialPower™ Plus linear actuators come in two formats; APPD motors are based on our ultra-reliable PMDC range. APPDs do not not require expensive motor drives. Performance is proportional to input voltage and can be tuned by regulating input voltage.

APPS motors are based on our best-selling stepper motors. Capable of producing linear force of up to 800 pounds (3558 N), APPS motors produce resolutions of upto 0.000125" (3.175 x 10-6m).

Our L3S actuator is a specially designed, high-speed motor with dynamically balanced rotors. Only available in Nema 34 format at present, the L3S is a very compact yet very powerful linear actuator.

All ElectroCraft linear actuators are fully customizable. Choose from our wide range of threads and special material parts. Ballscrews are available for application-specific designs. Just let us know your application specifics and our team of expert engineers will help you to choose or custom-develop the right motor for your project.